Impact of KVK

Population of livestock, Poultry, Fisheries etc. in the district

S.N. Name of Technology Character/ Features of Technology Impact of Technology
1 Balance nutrition management for Mentha in Sandy loam soils Use of Recommended of NPK (150:60:60) along with 25 kg Zinc sulphate and 15 kg of Sulphur per hectare. Full dose of P, K & ZnSO4 should be applied as basal and nitrogen and Sulphur in three equal splits at 15-20, 35-40 & 55-60 DAP for better efficiency of nutrients. Balance nutrition in mentha produced higher oil content, yield and profitability; therefore farmers are taking interest in balance nutrition. Recommended NPK with 25kg/ha Zinc sulphate and 15 kg of Sulphur produced 16-20 per cent higher menthe oil yield resulted in more profit to the farmers about Rs. 7000 to 11000 per hactere field. This crop covers 30000 ha area.
2 Chemical weed management in wheat for higher profitability Application of post emergence weedicide Sulphosulfuron + Metsulfuron Methyl (34+10g/ha) at 30-35 DAS. Weeds competes with crops for nutrients, water, space reduces quantity and quality of produce especially in broadcast sown wheat. Sulphosulfuron + Metsulfuron Methyl (34+10g/ha) effectively control both monocot & dicot weeds resulted in 10-15% higher yield in wheat with more net return of Rs. Per hactere. About 2.40 lac hac. Covered under wheat in the Budaun district of Uttar Pradesh and produced average 36 q/ha. Farmers of this area like this herbicide due to control of broad spectrum weeds in wheat.
3 Use of improved variety of Capcicum Indra variety This variety covered 148 ha area in 18 villages under 05 blocks of the district Badaun Income Rs. 5.00 Lac/ha.
4 Management of stem borer in rice crop Application of Cartap hydrochloride 4 G @ 20 kg/ha at 15-20 DAS Use of Cartap hydrochloride 4 G @ 20 kg/ha gives better yield by 5-7 per cent as compare to other treatments or farmers practice, so farmers are adopting this insecticide for better yield and profitability,
5 Nutrition management Buffaloes Chicken (Broiler) Calcicum + Phosphorus and vit. D3 Technical Feedback After using Calcium + phosphorus and Vit. D3, the milk production increased by 13.42 % and its also increases lactation length and reduces infertility in animals.
Farmers Reaction As per farmers reactions all the above techniques are very useful for the farmers to improve yield as well as economic returns.